Jingle Bells… Self- Care Spells

Time to re-discover the magic of self- care routines! Find the perfect gift for a loved one, or even treat yourself with a little bit of ME- time! From gorgeous hair care remedies to revitalising skin solutions, we’d like to introduce you to this year’s Christmas gift bundles…

For the Friend With Stressed and Dull Skin…

Reveal more plump, even and brighter skin texture. Skin Glow Gift Set is a daily reactivation solution to encourage a brighter, firmer and more hydrated complexion.
Energise the skin with stabilised Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Betaine and soothing organic Aloe Vera scented an uplifting blend of 6 essential oils to help regulate, soothe and tone.

A gorgeous bundle featuring Juice Boost Brightening Serum and Power Smoothie Skin Polish, is specially designed to tackle dull, stressed and tired skin. Dull, uneven skin tone; patches of hyperpigmentation are the result of a surge in melanin production.

This can be triggered by a number of factors including UV exposure, pollutants, inflammation,
medication and pregnancy. Vitamin C works in synergy with your body to slow down melanin production, while supporting a boost in cellular turnover, bringing fresh skin cells to the surface and leaving skin tone irregularities less visible adding luminosity, evenness and helping minimise the appearance of areas of hyperpigmentation.

For the Friend With Fine Lines and Tired Skin…

Night Shine Gift Set is a dynamic solution to complete skin transformation, helping boost Collagen, refine skin tone and texture, neutralising inflammation and redness.
Rejuvenate the skin matrix with a bio-compatible skin revitalising complex of Bakuchiol, Crocus Bulb extract and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid with the restful scent of 8 essential oils.

Night Shine Gift Set is designed to target fine lines, fragility and dehydration, whilst tackling classic signs of fatigue, and loss of skin tone by helping de-puff and counteract dark circles.

For the Friend With Irritated and Red Skin…

Reveal calmed, shielded, rejuvenated and resilient skin texture and tone with Bright Night Gift Set. A restorative kit balanced to help control redness, soothe irritable skin, suffering from compromised barrier function, congestion and repair skin resilience.
Reinforce skin immunity, control inflammation and help stimulate cellular renewal with a complex of pure Hemp-derived CBD and collagen boosting Moth Bean extract, scented with a soothing blend of 8 essential oils. Bright Night Gift Set is designed to target fine lines, redness, fragility and dehydration, whilst tackling classic signs of fatigue, and loss of skin tone by helping de-puff and counteract dark circles.

For the Friend With an Irritated Scalp…

Discover a soothed, calmed scalp and healthier hair with the Scalp Care Gift Set. Nourish the scalp with a stimulating complex of 120mg pure CBD, organic Hemp Seed oil, anti-inflammatory organic Aloe Vera and an energising tonic of essential oils.

Scalp Care Gift Set is designed to tackle signs of hair loss, an irritated scalp and dry hair.

For the Friend With Oily Scalp or White Flakes….

Reveal cleansed, clarified and cleared hair with Scalp Cleanser Gift Set. Control the microbiome of the scalp, minimise imbalance and reinforce barrier function with a balancing blend of 100% bio-based award-winning anti-dandruff actives, stimulating Evening Primrose oil and a calming complex of anti-inflammatory 3 essential oils
including Lavender, Rose Geranium and Eucalyptus. Scalp Cleanser Gift Set is designed for hair with dandruff and excess oil.

For the Friend With Brittle or Weak Hair…

Hair Repair Saviour, featuring Root Therapy Hair Strengthening Treatment Mask, is designed for weak, brittle hair and frizz. A hair mask is an exfoliating solution for your locks. It has a higher concentration of nourishing elements than your regular hair conditioner.

Hair masks are created for various hair types and work to infuse the hair shaft with essential nutrients, leaving your hair glossy, silky, and strong. It’s better if you know your exact hair type so you can pick the right hair mask for the best results. There are hair masks created specifically for damaged, color-treated hair, as well as hair masks that repair fragile hair strands.

Root Therapy Strengthening Mask is a rejuvenating and strengthening treatment that cocoons your scalp and hair in a revitalising and fortifying combination of organic Hemp Seed oil, Avocado oil, organic Shea Butter, antioxidant organic Green Tea, and a soothing tonic of 6 essential oils.

For the Friend With Fragile and Frizzy Hair…

Smooth Hair Gift Set is a remedy specially designed to quench hair for definitive shine and strength. Reveal smoother, defined and more hydrated hair. Restructure and replenish with an anti-static complex including keratin repair peptide complex, vitamin rich avocado oil, soothing Marshmallow Extract, Moisturising organic Shea Butter, and a restful blend of 4 essential oils. Smooth Hair Gift Set is designed to tackle split ends, frizziness, fragility, dehydration and dryness.

For the Friend with Damaged and Unresilient Hair…

Strong Hair Gift Set is a remedy specially designed for damaged hair lacking resilience and strength. Featuring ROOT RE- BOOT Damage Rescue Shampoo and ROOT TO TIP Damage Recovery Conditioner. Weak, brittle, dry and damaged, prone to split ends and breakage.

Breathe life back into hair health suffering under the daily grind. The continual impact of pollutants, UV damage, lifestyle and styling products can cause irritation, leave hair weakened, brittle, dehydrated and lacking shine.

Strong Hair Gift Set will help remedy this impact with a restorative complex including organic Hemp Seed oil, anti-inflammatory organic Aloe Vera and a soothing tonic of essential oils. This exclusive blend of ingredients will help reawaken vitality, soothe the scalp and fortify confidence in healthy hair and resilience.

Give Your Loved Ones the Perfect Gifts This Christmas

Whether it’s a skin or hair concern, there’s a remedy for everyone. By harnessing the pure power of the wild world, Wild Science Lab has created effective, multi-award-winning hair and skin remedies that are shaking the realm of beauty. To counteract everyday skin and scalp stress produced by the environment, lifestyle, and biological changes, the collections are formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients.

Natural science-based solutions committed to offering high-performance, botanical, and sustainable solutions founded on efficacy while keeping a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Wild Science Lab believes that nature gives power and simplicity that can work in harmony to improve skin and hair breakthroughs. The remedies are friendly to the environment, vegan, cruelty- free, and pledge to restore your get up and glow!

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