Switch on your skin’s luminosity

As we age our skin goes through myriad changes. As well as the natural breakdown of collagen and elastin and an increase in fine lines, skin also loses its ability to renew itself, causing a build-up of dead cells on the surface. This can lead to an uneven texture and an increase in dullness, while stress, pollution and lifestyle choices such as a poor diet and alcohol consumption can also play their part in a loss of luminosity.

To give mature skin back its youthful glow, it’s important to maintain a consistent routine that helps revive the complexion. To start, gentle exfoliation is a must so include a skin-polishing exfoliator in your routine once or twice a week. This will help slough away dead skin and reveal the brighter, fresher skin underneath. Power Smoothie Skin Polish, £35, contains antioxidant-rich vitamin C, which is a necessity when it comes to stimulating collagen and brightening skin tone. As well as a blend of 6 nourishing essential oils, it’s also loaded with exfoliating Bamboo, fatty acid-enriched Evening Primrose oil and Meadowfoam seed oil which locks moisture into the skin and helps keep it supple.

To supercharge mature skin that’s tired and in need of a radiance boost, a brightening serum is a vital addition. Juice Boost Brightening Serum, £38, is formulated with stabilised vitamin C to encourage improved elasticity and a more even tone, along with Betaine to support skin’s natural hydration and invigorate skin texture, and Tightenyl to improve firmness, elasticity and natural bounce.

To protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV, including hyper-pigmentation and inflammation, it’s important to be diligent with SPF application; Bright Start SPF 30 Broad Spectrum UV Shield, £39, is loaded with natural botanical extracts to protect and repair skin daily.

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