Taking a Scalp- First Approach…

While most conventional haircare takes a traditional approach to formulating products for strong, healthy strands, Wild Science Lab is proud to take a scalp first approach. Understanding that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, the brand’s haircare collection comprises unique remedies, each with a firm focus on nourishing the scalp to create hair that is smooth, shiny and resilient from root to tip.

Maintaining Your Microbiome for Scalp Health

The skin on your scalp is home to some of the more than 100 trillion microbes that live on your body. A complex and diverse mix of bacteria, these tiny single-celled organisms that determine your overall health and wellbeing work together in harmony to achieve the perfect environment for healthy hair to flourish and grow.

What’s the Difference Between Scalp Care and Hair Care?

The same way that healthy tree roots contribute to longer and resilient tree life, healthy hair roots work the same way. Although often overlooked, a healthy scalp is vital for healthy hair, and if neglected, will disrupt the delicate microbiome environment which can lead to conditions including dandruff, itching, redness and irritation, as well as hair loss and bacterial and fungal infections. Understanding that a healthy scalp is the foundation of healthy hair, Wild Science Lab have placed scalp formulations at the heart of their haircare collection.

What’s the Difference Between Scalp Remedies and Regular Shampoo?

Traditional shampoos typically consist of chemical- based formulas designed to wrap a shiny film around each strand, tricking you into thinking your hair is perfectly healthy. However, these chemicals are likely to be the cause of many hair concerns, such as frizziness, dandruff or an irritated scalp. Scalp remedies cleanse the hair follicles of any oils or debris. Hair is frequently washed without the scalp being massaged. While the majority of your hair follicles sustain clean hair strands, microscopic debris is most likely held at the base of your hair at the scalp.

The Scalp Care Solutions…

Knowing that a compromised scalp can lead to bacterial and fungal infections which inhibit hair health, each of the products in the Head and the Root ranges are formulated with efficacious ingredients that are 90% natural and are proven to nourish, strengthen, fortify and protect both hair and scalp. In an effort to create optimum scalp health, Wild Science Lab harnesses the standout power of CBD in each of their haircare products.

Widely used in skincare but undervalued in the haircare world until now, CBD has the ability to reduce inflammatory scalp conditions such as dandruff and eczema and instead encourage healthy follicle function and hair growth.
In addition to this miracle anti-inflammatory ingredient, both ranges utilise hardworking plant extracts and essential oils such as kahai, hemp seed, Avocado and Coconut oils to restore balance and hydration to the scalp. In doing so, hair is naturally softer, stronger, shinier and less prone to breakage.

The Proven Dandruff Remedy…

From a worldwide viewpoint, three traditional actives are widely used: zinc pyrithione, climbazole, and piroctone olamine. We’d like to introduce you to our featured active: propanediol caprylate.

This activity is based on Malassezia’s inherent reliance on sebum triglycerides (esters). Adhering to the concepts of environmental sustainability chemistry, this non-hazardous and energy-efficient technique generates only water as a byproduct. The revolutionary liquid molecule propanediol caprylate works because it has a similar chemical ester structure: Malassezia lipases break the ester to release the active ingredient (caprylic acid), which reduces Malassezia activity and dandruff.

The power of green chemistry is essential for producing propanediol caprylate, all made from 100% natural, bio-based sources, which was all taken into account by our formulating experts; thus Clear Head Anti-Dandruff Shampoo was born. Using a blend of 100% bio-based award-winning anti-dandruff actives to control and relieve flaking, itching and redness, the innovative 94% naturally derived formula also harnesses the potency of stimulating evening primrose oil and anti-inflammatory essential oils lavender, rose geranium and eucalyptus. Hair is left feeling flake, free and transformed; shinier, healthier and stronger.

The Perfect Bond Builders…

To reinstate a feeling of optimum health, shine and suppleness, Smooth Start Bond Reconstruct Shampoo is a hydrating, reparative first-stage cleanser. Suitable for all hair types, it helps strengthen the hair shaft with a smoothing, anti-static complex so that strands immediately feel healthier and more resilient. Included in the 90.7% naturally derived blend is a keratin repair peptide to boost natural strength and shine, vitamin-rich Avocado oil, soothing Marshmallow extract, organic Shea Butter to promote hydration and four essential oils to promote sensorial calm.

To lock in increased hydration and strength, hair needs a deeply restorative conditioner. Smooth Move Bond Restructure Conditioner builds on the hard work of its cleansing counterpart, restructuring the hair with the same anti-static keratin repair complex and host of nourishing vitamins and essential oils. Immediately after use, hair looks smoother and with revitalised shine, and feels stronger and less prone to breakage. Ideal for all hair types, even colour treated hair, the 95.4% naturally derived formula provides a smoother, more manageable base for styling your hair.

Our Promise…

We strive for the maximum possible amount of naturally derived components at Wild Science Lab because we believe that nature provides strength and simplicity that can engage in harmony with our bodies to achieve effective skin and hair transformations.

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