We couldn’t be more pleased to win Best Daily haircare (high end) award at the Woman & Home Hair Awards 2021!

We are so excited to share the award win at the recent Woman & Home Hair awards in the Daily Haircare category for the Leaf + Seed Root Reboot Damage Rescue Shampoo and Root To Reboot Damage Recovery Conditioner, judged by a selection of experts including the likes of International hairstylist Sam Mcknight, A-list hairstylist Ken O’Rourke and Emma Gunavardhana to name a few!

Sarah Cooper-White, the Beauty Director was also on the panel and said:

“I loved these products. The herbal scent is unusual and they leave hair looking and feeling soft, lightweight and shiny. I used every last drop, which is unusual for me as I’m always moving on to the next thing!”

The range has gone through months of trying, testing and assessing with the industry professionals to amount to the win and has been named best daily haircare in the industry. Wild Science Lab is a brand that promises performance and efficacy and believes in giving your hair the best environment to thrive.

The winning shampoo, Root Reboot Damage Shampoo breathes live back into hair suffering under the daily grind with restorative, organic hemp seed oil and anti-inflammatory organic aloe vera to revive strength, shine and smoothness. While Root To Tip Damage Recovery Conditioner delivers a “thirst-aid” to dry damaged hair with organic hemp seed oil, anti-inflammatory organic aloe vera, organic coconut oil and avocado oil to hydrate, strengthen and add shine and vitality.

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