What’s So Unique About Wild Science Lab?

By harnessing the pure power of the wild world, Wild Science Lab has created effective, multi-award-winning hair and skin remedies that are shaking the realm of beauty. To counteract everyday skin and scalp stress produced by the environment, lifestyle, and biological changes, the collections are formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients. Natural science-based solutions committed to offering high-performance, botanical, and sustainable solutions founded on efficacy while keeping a commitment to environmental responsibility.

‘So…what’s so great about the The LEAF + SEED haircare collection?’

Wild Science Lab is proud to pursue a scalp-first approach when formulating its products, whereas the majority of conventional haircare products are developed using traditional techniques, which typically contain chemicals damaging to your hair. Some of these chemicals even have the potential to cause cancer. Recognizing that healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp, the LEAF + SEED haircare collection features remedies that emphasise on treating the scalp to achieve hair that is smooth, vibrant, and resistant from root to tip. The LEAF+ SEED collection is approximately over 90% naturally derived.

Hair solutions are typically thick, chemical films coating the hair shafts, when they should be focusing on the scalp, because that misunderstood area counts as skin too. A balanced scalp equals beautiful hair, and natural ingredients in the LEAF + SEED range penetrate the cuticles to help nourish, hydrate, and smooth.

‘What’s so amazing about the ROOT + FRUIT skincare collection?’

Skin solutions are typically thought of as ways to make skin look shiny, when they actually need to revitalise, rehydrate and bring out the natural shine instead. Keeping skin balance, vitality, and satisfaction is a constant struggle. Breakouts, indications of dryness, hyperpigmentation, and tiredness can all be caused by the constant barrage of negative skin stressors, which is why nature’s potency in the ROOT + FRUIT collection is a perfect remedy.

It’s never been simpler to introduce healthier, more youthful-looking skin. Wild Science Lab has devised a skincare collection, ROOT + FRUIT, to harmonize, neutralise, guard, and hydrate by harnessing the natural power of performance driven naturals and revitalising essential oil blends picked for their therapeutic values as well as their allergy- friendly aromas. Natural methods to achieve a radiant glow, even skin tone and texture, healthy luminosity, a hydrated and plump complexion, all while defending against environmental aggressors.

‘Is it really worth it?’

Definitely! Almost always, Wild Science Lab’s customers receive positive outcomes after trying the remedy that fits their skin or hair concern.

Ever since I had dyed my hair blonde a couple of months ago, I couldn’t find a single hair product that was fitting my colour-treated hair. Any hair products I used ended up giving me scalp irritation. I was very shocked to learn that many products contained chemicals that were damaging to my hair even before I dyed it! When I came across this product I had my doubtsmany a time I tried products and it came with the same disappointing result of the irritating scalp and brittle hair, but I was surprised when after a month of trial with Head First Shampoo, my hair had become shinier and more healthy-looking than before! Thank you wild science for creating colour-treated friendly products that actually work!
-Jennifer (Trustpilot)

‘Lovely Serum – Bright skin
I love Juice Boost serum, makes my skin glows, feels smoother and looks brighter. No makeup needed. This is my first bottle but will almost definitely be buying again.’

-Wendy (Trustpilot)

‘After pregnancy, I was left with quite a lot of pigmentation and sun spots on my forehead. I have been using Juice Boost Serum along with the Power smoothie skin polish and Bright Start SPF 30 for just under two weeks and the majority of the pigmentation has faded. This is a great natural skincare range for anybody suffering with this.’

Our Promise…

Wild Science Lab believes that nature gives power and simplicity that can work in harmony to improve skin and hair breakthroughs. The remedies are friendly to the environment, vegan, cruelty- free, and pledge to restore your get up and glow!

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