Why Should I Have a Skincare Routine?

Keeping your skin barrier intact and protected is the key to healthy, glowing skin. Wild Science Lab Root +Fruit skincare collection is designed specifically with strengthening the skin barrier in mind, helping you to achieve skin that’s healthier, stronger and better protected.

The skin’s outer layer of protection, the barrier contains sheets of lipids, or the lipid lamellae, which protects the skin cells, preventing harmful pathogens from entering and upsetting the delicate balance. Although this barrier is fundamental to keeping skin in optimal health, it’s all too easily damaged by elements such as UV and pollution as well as factors such as soap, detergents and intrinsic ageing. When this happens, skin is stripped of vital hydration and quickly becomes red, inflamed and irritated.

Why Should You Use an SPF During a Freezing Christmas?

You should always wear your SPF, whatever the weather. Because UVA radicals are persistent at the same intensity from sunset to dawn all year and penetrate cloud cover, skin damage can still be a major issue during winter. Even if the rays are greater in the summer, sunburn can still occur in the winter.

Surprisingly, the sun is closer to the earth throughout the winter, increasing your chances of being sunburned. The ozone layer is a layer in the atmosphere that absorbs solar energy. During the winter, though, the ozone layer is weaker. As a result, your sun protection is reduced. Even if it’s cooler outdoors in the winter, your skin may be absorbing more UV radiation. UVB rays, which cause skin cancer, can also decrease collagen in your skin. Skin sagging may result as a result of this. It can also cause accelerated ageing of the skin. Excessive exposure to UVB radiation is thought to be the cause of 90 percent of wrinkles.

To protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV, including hyper-pigmentation and inflammation, it’s important to be diligent with SPF application; Bright Start SPF 30 Broad Spectrum UV Shield, £39, is loaded with natural botanical extracts to protect and repair skin daily.

To supercharge mature skin that’s tired and in need of a radiance boost, a brightening serum is a vital addition. Juice Boost Brightening Serum, £38, is formulated with stabilised vitamin C to encourage improved elasticity and a more even tone, along with Betaine to support skin’s natural hydration and invigorate skin texture, and Tightenyl to improve firmness, elasticity and natural bounce.

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