Scalp health

From root to tip — the scalp is your gateway to happier hair

Whatever your hair goals, your daily frustrations and challenges, whether you are looking for volume, control, balance, growth or relief from sensitivity, it begins with skin and starts from within.

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, skin is skin. It is our largest organ, our first line in defence, subjected to the damaging external stress; agitation from improper use of products, excessive heat from cleansing and styling, environmental aggressors, lifestyle choices etc.

Add to these external influences, internal natural biological factors like hormones it is easy to see why hair health becomes changeable, often brittle, lacklustre, prone to breakage, lacking volume and irritated. Our scalps age and sensitise similarly to the face, it is just less visible — initially.

Now for a moment, think differently; look at the visible hair as a reflection of how you care for your skin. Growth, strength and vitality depend on the right balance of conditions, an optimal environment in which it can flourish.

Hair is made up of the root, fibre and bulb. The fibre is the hair shaft, the strands of hair we see, brush and style daily. The root is visible at the base of the shaft where it is attached to the scalp. The bulb is buried beneath the surface. It is here that the future natural gloss, strength, vitality, bounce and resilience are determined. Each element is predominantly constructed with the protein keratin.

We have gone to great lengths and worked with industry experts to ensure our results driven formulations are kind and effective, created to optimise conditions to support the structural integrity of the keratin that forms the hair.

To achieve results, we have secured the highest quality, skincare grade natural ingredients, optimised dosage of key constituents and balanced this with uniquely designed aroma-therapeutic tonics of pure essential oils to help uplift the spirits, alleviate stress and anxiety when massaged into the scalp, helping facilitate the best conditions to flourish.