Our sustainability journey

Wild Science Lab’s sustainability journey: From recycled bottles to 100% renewable energy

At Wild Science Lab, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the formulation of our products. It extends into every facet of our operation, from our packaging to our manufacturing process. Our passion for the environment has led us on a journey to create a brand that is as eco-friendly as possible.

Sustainability in every bottle

Recognising the need for more sustainable packaging solutions, we embarked on an extensive research journey, investigating all potential alternatives to virgin plastic. Our discovery led us to Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic — a sustainable material crafted from discarded plastic items such as drink bottles. PCR plastic provides an environmentally-friendly alternative that significantly reduces the production of new plastic, thereby reducing our overall environmental footprint.

We are proud to announce that our bottles are now crafted from this sustainable material. But we didn’t stop there. We also committed to ensuring the entire packaging, including our pumps, are easy to recycle. As a result, we now use 100% recyclable pumps, making it easier for our customers to dispose of our products responsibly.

Preserving ingredient efficacy with ethical manufacturing

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t mean we compromise on the effectiveness of our products. We employ meticulous production methodologies and formulae to preserve the efficacy of all our ingredients, irrespective of the batch size. We’re unique in our ability to cater for both small and large batches, ranging from 30 to 3000 kilos in each run, while maintaining our high-quality standards.

In addition to this, we designed our formulas to be produced using the least amount of energy possible, without compromising quality. This conscious approach to energy consumption further reduces our environmental impact.

The UK’s first biofuel-powered beauty manufacturer

We are proud to operate from a factory that is currently the only one of its kind in the UK. Running on a biofuel system, our manufacturing process saves up to 120 tonnes of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere each year. This commitment to ethical manufacturing practices showcases our dedication to creating a brand that is as eco-conscious as it is effective.

Pioneering 100% renewable energy usage in manufacturing

At Wild Science Lab, we set ambitious sustainability targets. We strive to use 100% renewable energy in our manufacturing process. Currently, we are the only UK manufacturer operating with a complete biofuel system, further solidifying our position as leaders in the field of sustainable beauty manufacturing.

Our journey to sustainability is ongoing, and we continually seek innovative ways to further reduce our environmental footprint. Our aim is to empower our customers to make conscious choices for their skin and hair health, while also caring for the health of our plane.